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Sydney’s Australian Museum has launched a new light and sounds show, which will occur twice daily in the Westpac Long Gallery.

Treasures Illuminated is a multi-sensory experience showcasing objects from the museum’s collection of 21 million scientific specimens and cultural objects.

Twice daily at 11am and 2pm, visitors will be ushered from the ground floor of the Westpac Long Gallery to the balconies above to watch the seven-minute production, which uses digital animation, laser projection and 3D mapping.

Projections from the ceiling will fill the floor with colourful visuals, while the stories behind the Australian Museum’s acclaimed 200 Treasures exhibition unfold in front of guests.

The audio-visual production is an exciting addition to the Westpac Long Gallery, which is a popular venue for corporate events.

The space hosts up to four events each week, with capacity for up to 170 guests in cocktail style.

As Australia’s first gallery dating back to 1857, the Westpac Long Gallery is already themed for events, with ancient artefacts and treasures on show from the Australian Museum’s vast collections.

Find out more about the Australian Museum here.


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