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You know that old saying about eating with your eyes? Well, friends, it’s time to ogle these Insta gorgeous catering accounts.

Atlantic Group
Want a sneak peek into the future of events? These guys are pushing boundaries, left, right and centre. Check them out on the Instagrams @atlanticgroup

The Big Group
These guys aren’t kidding when they say they’re big. YIKES. The Big Group does parties for Saudi royals so if you like snooping on the rich and famous, make sure you follow @biggrouphospitalityagency

Trippas White Group
TWG’s food is soooooo pretty. Cop a gander @trippaswhitegroup

Peter Rowland
Peter Rowland’s Insta account is proof that you can be super good looking AND super good. Have a look @peterrowlandau

Catering Project
Are you looking for fresh ideas done with flair? Look no further than the legends @cateringproject

Who are your favourite foodies on Instagram? Tell us in the comments!


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