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After just three months in its new format, the fully refurbished UNSW Roundhouse is receiving High Distinctions from the industry.

Image courtesy of Hayden Nixon

Their clients have even gone as far as saying its ‘one of the best sounding venues of this size in the country’.

Here are three reasons why:

1. Flown P.A. 

Their innovative flown P.A. not only saves valuable floor space but also allows for clearer sight lines to the stage while delivering crystal clear audio throughout the main room.

The  positioning off the floor allows sound to travel naturally throughout the space, ensuring consistent audio delivery whether you’re next to the stage, at the back of the room or on the balcony.

2. Breadth of equipment

They carry a vast selection of equipment to deliver a custom event build, creating an awesome experience for artists and attendees alike.

Three projector screens in the main room, audio desks, spot/wash/profile lights, microphones and smoke machines – you name it, they’ve got it. Take a look at their full equipment list below (for all you techies). 

3. The P.A People

The P.A. People were charged with installing the audio, lighting, projection and control systems.

This award-winning, Sydney-based company has been in business for over 40 years and has delivered projects for the ANZ Stadium, Adelaide Oval and multiple Olympic Games.

Full list of equipment below:

  • d&b Vi8/Vi12 speaker system 
  • Digico SD12-D2 audio console 
  • QSC Qsys control & audio routing system 
  • Roland XS-84H vision matrix 
  • Mic Package including 4x Shure QLXD radio mics 
  • High End Systems Hog4 lighting console 
  • 24 x Phillips Showline SLBAR510 LED wash lights 
  • 24 x Philips Showline SLPARS 
  • 6 x ETC CSSPOTs 
  • 6 x ETC Source4 profile 
  • 3 x Epson LED projectors 2x 8,000 & 1x 11,000 lumens 
  • 3 x Screen Technics Motorised Screens 
  • 8 x Chain Hoists 
  • 10 x Winches 
  • 40m of truss 
  • 2 x Scenery battens 
  • 1 x Jands Flying control system
  • Curtaining

For more information about this epic music venue, click here.