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The team at Events Plus Promotions have come up with a list of must-have promotional items for your next event.

  1. Toronto Wireless Charger
    Description: Ultra compact and ready for branding, these chargers are compatible with all smartphones that meet the Qi wireless standard.
    Why buy?: 74 per cent of people keep at least one promo product in their office (according to APPA survey results) so keep your brand or message front of mind with a useful and stylish gadget that your customers or attendees will want to keep.
  2. Lipstick Power Bank
    Description: This eye-catching power bank is compatible with all smartphones and includes short circuit and surge protection and a micro usb charging cable. Small and light weight, but most of all fun to show off. Available in four colour combinations with a 2600mAh capacity.
    Why buy?: This is a memorable promo item. If your brand or event targets cosmetic lovers, or anyone who appreciates a stylish and nifty gift, then you can’t go past these power banks.
  3. Zoe True Wireless Stereo Earphones
    Description: Freedom from cords with wireless earphones that work up to 10m from your device and hold charge for up to five hours. Available in gold, black, pink, red or white.
    Why buy?: Give these out and feel the love. Ideal for people who do a lot of walking around at work, or those who want cordless gym time. A memorable and useful promo product that is sure to be a hit.
  4. Blush Compact Power Bank
    Description: These adorable power banks with a 4200mAh capacity, are suitable for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Android and most other devices. Available in three colour combinations. Easy to throw in your bag and know you have enough power for whatever your day (or night) holds.
    Why buy?: Good looking and great quality, these are an excellent, brandable option that will be kept, reused and bragged about.
  5. Tumbling Tower
    Description: Natural finish game blocks that can be laser engraved or digitally printed on the blocks or box. Think of a famous game starting with J and you’ll get why these blocks are a fun promotional idea.
    Why buy: Something different that makes people smile is always a great way to get your brand or message remembered. A great choice for all ages.

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