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We caught up with Hannah Chipkin from Merchgirls to find out what the coolest new merch options are.

‘Merch’ is the new buzz word. With the rising profile and accessibility of all kinds of brands (and celebs) through social media, having the right merch to extend your brand has become important. People who love your brand will want to get involved, and what better way than to give them a cool piece of your very own merch.

The hottest merch products are the ones that lend themselves to the best branding opportunities, while still remaining stylish and practical. Here are Hannah’s picks for the year ahead:

  1. The Tote – a traditional merchandise item and our most popular product. The Merch Girls can design and make any shape bag out of almost any fabrication you can imagine. What goes on the bag is obviously the main focus – this can be your branding printed in the most stylish way. Merchgirls can design any artwork for you, it doesn’t just need to be your logo, but it can be.
  2. T-shirt – again another traditional merchandise item, reinvented. We mainly get requests for soft cotton t-shirts in fashionable fits. T-shirts are still a great way to get your branding out there – be it with your logo or clever slogan. Fantastic for events and also for staff uniforms.
  3. Stemless wineglasses – with an increase of upmarket outdoor events, we have had a huge demand for branded good quality, shatterproof wineglasses. These are a chic and cheaper alternative to traditional glass wear. And a popular item for picnics on summer days long after the event.
  4. Visors – the popular choice for headwear. Super popular for outdoor sporting events or festivals. Again these are all custom-made from materials such as cotton drill, retro terry towel or straw. Logos or designs can be embroidered, printed or added subtly branded with a nice quality label with your logo.
  5. Turkish Towels – A trending and lovely alternative to the stock-standard beach towel. The main request for these is for premium corporate gifting. There are a vast array of beautiful designs in gorgeous quality available. The most common way of customising these is with a sewn on label of your brand.

For more information about Merchgirls, check out their A LIST Guide listing here.