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A LIST Guide recently caught up with Shane Oneill from Oneill Photographics to find out what the seven most important shots are that you need to capture at every event.

Read on to find out what they are:

1. Set-up shots: Make sure you show the room, pre-event. If it’s a really elaborate set-up, it may be worth getting a before and after shot to show clients and the media what you did to transform the space.

2. Good candid and posed shots of VIPs: Make sure you photograph all of the VIPs in attendance and try and shoot them in a group together. That way, if you need one hero shot, you will have it.

3. A range of shots from different angles of  the speakers and MC: Straight on can get a little dull so try and shoot these people from different angles to make the sequence of images more dynamic. In doing so, you will inadvertently capture their ‘good’ side.

4. Branding: Get it in anyway you can in the foreground or background of shots.

5. Capture guests enjoying and interacting at the event: It is your job as a photographer to show how successful the event was. Showing people having a good time does just this.

6. Try not to capture an exit sign in any shots: No other reason except that they look bad.

7. Good boogie shots: Show everyone up and dancing end of the night, as well as any key entertainment. This is your chance for a hot creative shot. With any luck, there’s good lighting operator on hand to help with this.

Oneill says his top piece of advice is this: Don’t be the one to forget to book the photographer.

“We find on many occasions, we are the last thought in the lead-up to an event, but the first thought post event.

“Everyone wants to see the images of the spectacular event they have organised, to share on social media, media and to all attendees,” he said.

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